Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fat and Cranky

I am Fat and I am Cranky about it. I know I gained all the weight while pregnant--first I was eating because that actually stopped the morning sickness, then I wasn't eating so much but I was barred from any activity whatsoever, so it worked out the same. Now here it is 5+ months after baby's arrival and I'm 50 lbs overweight still.

I'm not managing to work out at all--I just can't get myself up before 6 am to do it, and all afternoon and evening I've got the kids. I've been very good about eating lightly except in the afternoon, when my eating is totally getting away from me for the last few weeks. Still, it's amazing how little I need to eat in order to lose weight. I have the metabolism of a slug, and when I'm sitting at a desk all day and not working out at all it's a disaster. Being only 5'1" doesn't help either; what would be a healthy-looking weight on someone taller is horrible on me.

I hate looking and feeling like this.

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