Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It's Wednesday already?

Just a bit of catch up:
Gilad had his birthday party. He had his Thomas the Tank Engine cake (our teeth are still blue); he got a Dora Candyland game from us, Wedgeits blocks and Snale's Pace race game from Oma and Grandpa, and a wooden "airplane" Feivel made for him all by himself out of the remains of a wooden stool that was falling apart. Shelly Kline came over in the afternoon and had his grinder with him, so he ground down the protruding nails and it's all professional and everything.

He got his preliminary haircut but we're going this afternoon for the real thing, then I'll post pictures of new big boy Gilad.

I took all the kids except Sachy, who had a play date, out letterboxing finally in the late afternoon. They had a great time and Kayla is planning all sorts of stamps she wants to make, as well as boxes she wants to place. The kids are also trying to come up with a better logbook alias for us than "8 on the run," so if you have any suggestions feel free to leave comments. The current front-runner is "crazy 8s," which isn't my favorite, so I'm all for more contenders.

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