Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thursday morning wrap-up

It's always nice when there's no real news and I can just post blather and stream-of-consciousness nonsense, isn't it.
Gilad's new obsession--thanks, Sachy--is the weather. He comes down in the morning, demands to see the weather page in the newspaper, and goes over the graphics with me: "Today, sun; tomowwow, Fwiday, wain; Chabbos, wain, Chunday, wain..."
Yes, he talks like that. When he asked for the "ve-oo" this morning at first I thought he was saying, "vacuum," not "weather."

Eliza/V has me totally obsessed with the idea of letterboxing. Like we have time for this. I bought a little kit to make our own teeny-tiny logbook, and a little stamp to start out with before we make our own, and I have listings of all the boxes in our area...but I just have no idea when in the world we would have time to get started on this. I guess in the summer when it' s light out late we can go in evenings, but right now, I just don't see it. The kids love the idea, though. But then, Miss V. has a lot to answer for regarding my obsessions.

Aunt Hedy's socks are well on their way...I even have the reinforcement thread for the heels and toes. However, the alpaca arrived for Kayla's hat, so I have to spend a couple of days whipping that up and then I can go back to the yummy lighthouse socks. I will post is sort of working.

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