Monday, January 14, 2008


Thus goes Addie. Not pbstpbstpbst raspberries, but b-b-b-b-b like she keeps leaving her motor running. It's pretty funny, which is what I need right now.
The last few days stunk. I cancelled going to the theater with Mom, thinking I'd get some stuff done, and instead wound up getting nothing done and getting mad at Jeffrey and the kids; we had a tiny fire (an oven mitt; I picked it up and put it in the sink to douse the fire); and today a fender-bender when the woman in front of me expressed her cosmology (as in, what color is the sky on her planet) by coming to a complete stop rather than accelerating as she navigated the acceleration lane on I270.
So instead, I bring you photos of fat wombats and fat hedgehogs, blatantly stolen from the Zooillogix blog.

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