Friday, January 11, 2008

The news coverage

Being pushy, I did manage to quickly make up a bunch of flyers and pass them around at the kids' school yesterday about the ABC coverage. The story was actually pretty decent, though it didn't go far enough about the differences between a child spending a life depending on this formula versus a baby who tolerates Alimentum or the like better than regular milk/soy formula; there's a big difference between a family having to spend $150/month for 6 months and having to spend $1500+/month every month of every year of someone's life. They didn't make it quite clear that our children's lives depend on this formula.

And the ironic thing was showing Dr. Furuta, who's always been a proponent of steroids over formula diet, with a gtube/formula patient, advocating for formula coverage. If Glenn Furuta is saying we need formula access, WE NEED FORMULA ACCESS!

But all in all I was happy there were no glaring mistakes and positive somewhat complete coverage of the situation.

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