Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Update on Addie's sweater and everything else

Gilad 'oves me. Aren't I lucky? At least, that's what he says when he's being sweet, not rotten. He keeps hitting or biting and then saying, "I being Mean Pharoah!" I think they need to change the way they teach this story in the 2 year old curriculum at school. Of course, once again he has a big bite mark on the middle of his back where one of the other kids bit him, too.

Addie's sweater front has been begun. It will be a v-neck pullover. I'm really hoping to have enough yarn left over to make a matching skirt, but we'll see. I'm going ahead with the plan to make a button placket on both shoulders, too, so the neck finishing will be a bit fiddly, but it should work if I measure. Further updates as I photograph. I only got the very bottom done last night; I was too tired to begin even such simple lace without being sure to forget some yarnovers. I'm so glad I'm using wooden needles for this though; it definitely works better with the slippery cotton yarn. Oh, and I measured the back finally, and it's spot-on for her size, whoo-hoo, squee.

Kayla's starting to feel better after a gross tummy virus, but her school ski trip is tomorrow so she's desperate for a full recovery. T's still not doing her work. Feivel had a great time this weekend on the boyscout ski trip, and did come home with no injuries.

As always, further updates as events warrant.

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