Monday, February 11, 2008

I can haz moonburger?

Last night, the boys were all tired and hyper and Feivel had been sick so we sent them up to their room 1/2 hour early to read in bed and settle down. It was a very windy night, thanks to an arctic front bearing down on us, so we had the usual complaints from Feivel about how scary it sounded, with the usual responses from me ("go back to bed, I can't make the wind stop").

Then there were a bunch of emergency vehicles which went by, in their usual on/off siren mode. We've explained to the boys that at night in the neighborhood the firetrucks and police try to keep their sirens off except when they're going around tight, blind curves or when they're running through intersections, but since we live between one of each of those the siren noises do sound a little odd and it's unnerving the the kids, so that upset him a little, but he settled down again.

Then at about 9 pm Feivel comes to me, all upset. "Mommy, you have to come see! There's a fire up high outside, a real fire, it's really an emergency, it's all yellow and it's on fire!" Now leaving aside the fact that their windows have opaque shades and he could only see something outside if he's out of bed pulling the shade aside to look out deliberately, I figure maybe, just maybe, he saw something real. So I follow him up. The other two boys are in their beds, quiet. I look where Feivel points out the window. There's a house with a regular light, just a steady lamplight, nothing at all like a fire even in a fireplace. He points above it. "There, Mommy, there! See, it's all yellow! A fire! What do we do?" I realize what he's pointing to. Sigh.

"Feivel. You see that almost every night. It's called the Moon. It's supposed to be there."

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