Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Manipulative 3 year olds

Gilad won't potty train at home. At school sure, he stays clean and dry, but at home rarely. So this weekend we get on the road to head out to Jeffrey's cousin's wedding, and we stop at the northern end of MD for a rest stop for some family members, and Gilad says no, he doesn't want to get out and make.
5 minutes later once we're back on the road he pipes up, "I need to make! I need a toilet!"
We tell him, go ahead and make in your diaper like you always do. He's very insistent, though; he NEEDS a toilet. So we stop in DE, Jeffrey takes him in, and he does go in the toilet. His diaper was already wet too, but he genuinely had needed to make.
We get back on the road again. We pass a Lay's Potato Chip truck, and Kayla makes a comment about chips. Gilad starts demanding, "I want potato chips! I want potato chips!" We tell him tough luck, we have some cookies in the car but we don't have any chips, we've already stopped twice in a 3 1/2 hour drive, and knock it off. In a couple of minutes though, he switches to alternating, "I want potato chips" with "I need to make in a toilet!"
He doesn't stop for 20 minutes.
Finally we give up and stop at a NJ rest stop.
Jeffrey takes him inside.
Once inside, Gilad (surprise) doesn't need to make in the toilet. He does need to buy a bag of potato chips.

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