Monday, February 4, 2008

Super bowl bread, yum

With my back lousy I wasn't up to much yesterday; I'd hoped to do a lot of knitting and spinning during the Superbowl, but my brain was way too foggy for that.

Sonny and Rozzie did come over to visit for the game, we had deli subs and snacks and cookies, and I did have a loaf of incredibly good bread I'd made from the No-Knead Crusty bread recipe from Mother Earth News. It came out exactly the way it was supposed to, light and fluffy and slightly chewy inside, and beautifully crusty and crisp outside with no starch washes or anything. Definitely a keeper recipe, the timing is just a little difficult to plan out other than on weekends since I work!

I did go to the PA today, who told me to take double doses of ibuprofen during the day plus Percocet at night for my back for a while, then see how that feels. Hopefully the answer will be, "better."

Photos above are all courtesy of Morah Miriam (aka, Morah Yummy) Oberstein at MJBHA.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Leesy,
I just read all the January blogs and loved them. The hat for Gilad is great and all the socks look good too.
It's fun to read your blogs.