Tuesday, March 4, 2008


This morning Gilad announces, "I have jelly sandwich for breakfast! Is good idea!"
In case you're wondering, yes, everything he says does come with an exclamation point (unless a question mark is indicated).
He gets the jelly out of the fridge, realizes it's quite light (of course no one who uses jelly told me we were running low), holds it up to his face to peer at it, and yells, "Hello! Anyone in dere? Is any jelly left?" Then he puts it to his ear like a phone and keeps yelling, "Hello! Hello! Jelly?"

He settled for a peanut butter sandwich ("Is good idea!"). Of course there was just enough pb to make one sandwich and now we're out of both.

Kayla update: she's taking today off from school. T and I went to the library last night and checked out a bunch of books for her so she can just stay on the sofa all day and rest. Yesterday was just too much for her and even the school nurse asked why she was back in class already. We'll give her another day or two and by then she may not even need the crutches much less the wheel chair (though I think I'd want her to at least take the crutches in case her foot starts hurting during the day).

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