Sunday, April 6, 2008

Great Legislative News!

About 8:30 this evening [4/4/08] the Maryland General Assembly’s House of Delegates unanimously passed House Bill 578 – a bill requiring insurance companies to provide coverage for Amino Acid-Based Elemental Formulas. Once the Governor’s places his signature on the bill it will become law. I have been told the Governor may want to have a “signing ceremony” which is where the Governor officially signs the bill with invited guests present. The Governor has until Tuesday May 27th to sign the bill. However, I do not believe he will wait that long. If there is a signing ceremony I will send around an email to the Maryland families (and those in VA/DC who are insured in MD) so that they can attend. I always add this disclaimer - In politics nothing is ever final until “its final” – but I can say with very little doubt - and barring any completely unforeseen circumstances – House Bill 578 will become law.

I believe the full text of the bill will be on the internet tomorrow [4/5/08]. Once it’s posted, to view the final language please go here: Then, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the word “Enrolled”

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Karen said...

I just wanted to say Hello to you! I found your blog through a Google search for House Bill 578. Do you have a child with EGID? My 10 year old son has it,and we are supposed to start on Elecare this week. I am excited and thankful that insurance must pay for this now.

We also live in Maryland, and I can knit, but crochet is my first love! I'll take a look around your blog some more.

Take care,

Leesy said...

Karen, my 10 year old Sachy whom you can see on the blog has EG. He was 100% formula fed, part gtube and part oral from the time he was 1 until a few months ago. He's actually currently in the first remission of his life right now, though actually he's been sick the last 2 weeks but we think it's viral.
Where in MD do you live? You can email me through the blog or at elise (dot) cohen (at) verizon (dot) net