Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Let me tell you 'bout the birds and the Gilads

Since I just couldn't bring myself to get up at 5 am for a walk this morning (and if I had it would have been problematic, as Addie woke up once again before 6 wanting to nurse), after work I put Gilad in the stroller and took him for a walk. I planned to go up the neighborhood, but he specifically requested a walk in the park. I decided that would work just fine, too, so off we went. Well, we wound up seeing many, many robins, plus several downy woodpeckers (very common in this neighborhood), one little blue heron (I've seen great blues in the creek before, but this was definitely a little blue), and I'm fairly certain a pair of rough-legged hawks (well, whatever they were, they were almost the size of bald eagles, but I've seen those and know quite well what they look like--and they weren't turkey vultures, which are the only other common birds around here that size). Rough-legged hawks would be unusual around here but not unheard of, and it is migration season.
We spent quite a while watching the heron, Gilad liked it a lot; and one of the hawks kept landing in a tree quite near us when we reached the edge of the park.
I'm still waiting to spot a beaver; there are definitely signs of them in our part of Rock Creek Park, but we've never spotted any.
Of course, Gilad is happy so long as we see dogs and robins.

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