Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Still Growing--Slow Bee Shawl!

Well, the Slow Bee Mystery Shawl knit-a-long continues, and I'm done with clue 3. I chose the lacy pattern of the two offered, figuring that clenched teeth were preferable to closing eyes (which I would have had if I had chosen the alternate pattern, many rows of stockinette followed by some distinct motifs; the piece has now grown to approximately 410 stitches across). Here is the whole pattern draped over our chair; you can see clues 1 and 2 quite well now although clue 3 is largely obscured by the chair top:

Here is one wedge so that you can see all three patters (please don't note that I have a slight mistake in clue 3 on the left hand side of this wedge):

And finally, here is the center panel, now grown to 7 repeats:

While this is beautiful, I have to say I did not enjoy knitting this third section so much; the pattern was terribly complicated (not symmetrical) and across a 65 stitch repeat by the end. It was simply too hard to find time when I could be sure to knit 400+ stitches without interruption. I am very grateful I can "read" stitches so that for the most part when I have made errors I have been able to find where the mistakes were made and fix them.
Next clue on this Friday.


Peggy said...

Your shawl is beautiful. I HOPE to finish clue 1 today.

Leesy said...

Peggy, I really sympathize. It's taking me a good 20 minutes a row, and right now it's been a good few weeks for me in terms of finding time, but often I wouldn't have been able to. I think it makes a big difference for me to be on this kind of deadline--telling myself I HAVE to finish each clue by the following Friday (or what? no one else cares but me!).