Monday, May 5, 2008

Tweet, tweet, I say!

On our last foray into the park we saw a Pileated Woodpecker and a Scarlet Tanager (a first for me!).
But no heron.
We even crossed the heron's bridge and searched on the other side of the creek, but to no avail. Gilad's theory is that it's a female heron and it's nesting right now (which was a pretty sophisticated supposition for a three year old, to my mind). After seeing a pair of mallards, he also said he hopes to soon see ducklings.
I'm not sure why I crave the birding so much right now; is it the librarian in me, who wants to catalog everything and build as large a collection as possible for future use and reference? Is it the shopper who wants more, more, more? Or is it the simple academician, who is fascinated with the straightforward advancement of familiarity and information about our local park?
In any case, we'll keep looking (sorry, Gilad will keep 'ooking) and reporting.

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