Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I know I'm running way behind

Just a really quick catch-up with no photos and no details:

Shavuos is over and was lovely despite the heat.
Addie is almost but not quite walking; her first birthday on the secular calendar is this Friday!
I'm working on Clue 5 of my Slow Bee Mystery shawl. I keep making mistakes but on this clue I'm ripping back and fixing them. I know, what a radical idea. I hope to be caught up at the end of the week despite the yom tov intervening.
I have something like 10 books to mail out for BookMoochers, so if you're waiting on one, expect me to notify you this evening that it's in the mail.
Gilad still seems to have a mild tummy disturbance; I'm guessing he has a bit of a bacterial icky thing going on but since it's already been about 2-3 weeks without getting any worse there doesn't seem to be anything we can do except wait it out and continue to maintain good hygeine.
Gilad is reading more and more though he still doesn't admit it.
School ends next week and I'm totally flustered about who's going where when and with what or whom for camp. I've got to get this more under control in my mind.

Anyway, more details in the upcoming few days as I catch up in the lazy hot days of summer.

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