Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Just a little funny: I was entering Sandra Boynton's Horns to Toes at LibraryThing and filling in the tags. In my fashion, I tagged it "little kids" and "monsters" but the next thing I typed in was "body parts." Somehow that just didn't sound right for a preschoolers' board book! I changed it to "parts of the body," even though that sounds contrived somehow.


Tim said...



Leesy said...

Julie didn't comment here but she tells me I'm odd for having had this conversation with myself. Sorry, but "body parts" just sounds like I'm tagging true crime or something, not Sandra Boynton!

Anonymous said...

yes, context is everything!

I admire your patience in logging the children's books ... I haven't got all MY books in yet, nevermind moving to their shelves!