Monday, June 2, 2008

Why I haven't been around...

I'd probably blow up the computer. It's been the kind of couple of days when:
On Sunday:
Feivel found out he can't be in the State Special Olympic games this weekend. With the combination of him being underage for the 16+ relay team he was participating in, and the fact that he wasn't going to be available for time trials Friday afternoon, combined with the reality that it's only his first year, the State organization wasn't willing to waive the 2 years participation rule. Our coaches actually wrote complaints, stating that if it's primarily because he won't be there Friday then it's illegal religious discrimination (the coaches did all this; I didn't even know about it), but Feivel was very mellow about it. He had a great season and he wasn't upset. I was so proud of him. The coaches told him to definitely come over the summer for cross country whenever he feels like it and to definitely be back for track and field next spring.
We went letterboxing in Wheaton Regional Park only to find that the box we were looking for was missing. It had gone missing before as do all the Wheaton Regional boxes frequently, but after getting muddy and lost, having crossed a creek on a narrow log and generally worked hard for it, it was really disappointing to the kids to have their first missing box.

Gilad started the morning with a stomach virus, and went back to bed for 2+ hours. He then went in to school, where he misbehaved and then spit at Morah Yummy when she tried to get him to stop being rotten.
Meanwhile, I caused a blow-up at work by accidentally hitting "respond" rather than "forward" when I commented negatively on a contracting agency's email. Of course it wasn't an email from someone I like, but rather someone who has been trying to get me fired from her project since she met me (I honestly don't know why, though I know why she wouldn't like me now!). My bosses were very cool about it though, and congratulated me for falling on my sword and apologizing and generally behaving like a grownup; told me they loved me; and "threatened" that my punishment was going to be more work with that agency. Anybody remember the Dilbert strip when he comments that he solved his problem of being invisible at work by screwing up? That's exactly how I felt.
I picked Adele up at the babysitter and the sitter was just changing her diaper and noting that she was soaking wet from the waist down. Since Addie was drinking a bottle, it wasn't worth fighting with her to change her clothes at that point.
Gilad came home with his lunch box in his back pack. In his lunch box were a juice box and an applesauce. Open. His lunch box was so gross I just threw it away since I couldn't get it clean; his backpack went into the laundry immediately. His clothing had to come off since it was all wet and sticky too.
This evening, Gilad has refused to have anything on from the waist down. He went in the potty 3 times. Unfortunately, he needed to go to the potty 4 times. All I can say without way TMI is ewwwwww.
So that sums up the last couple of days.
I'm almost afraid to do anything at this point.

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