Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Bee and a Half

Well I have managed to finish week 9 of the Slow Bee I shawl and week 3 of the Slow Bee II.  I'm cheating in saying that though, because I decided the first week of SBII that I would only work 1/2 the shawl a week for the time being--from the center, I'm working each week's clue out only on one side.  When SBI finishes up, I'll go back and catch up on the other side.

So here is SBI:

It's getting really hard to photograph, it's so big!
And here is SBII (remember, we just started, and I've only worked one side, not both):


Lamzie Divy Woolens said...

It's looking beautiful! I'm doing SB one only and having a hard time keeping up, so I don't know how you are doing both at the same time.

Joyce said...

beautiful.. I got stuck on clue 7.. the rows just kept getting longer and longer! but I will finish it (sooner I hope) I am also doing design 2

I also like your SB2. at least that one I am keeping up with the clues as they are short.