Sunday, July 27, 2008

Everyone's been hard at work

Today, Feivel left for his big Boy Scout ride--Troop 613 left this morning to bike down the whole C&O Canal!  They'll make some stops during the week for rafting and the like, and finish in Georgetown Thursday evening.  The biked over 3 hours this afternoon and made it to their intended camping point at about 5:15 pm.
Jeffrey left early in the morning to meet up with the troop, help with davening and transport, and get them going in the northwest.  He just got home at about 8 pm.
The girls and Sachy spend the morning helping their grandparents with gardening and preparation for fence painting.  They worked very hard and Grandpa was very appreciative.
Gilad and Addie behaved nicely at their grandparents' house so everyone else could get their work done.
Meanwhile, being insane, I decided that just working the Slow Bee Mystery II shawl is not enough lace to be knitting (and I only have one other project on the needles at the moment, my Komon sweater from Knit Kimono).  So of course, I cast on Nancy Bush's summer Estonian shawl from the most recent Piecework.
We're just all worn out.

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