Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Slow Bee Shawl clue 8 done

Here is the whole shawl
 and a close up:

Any mistakes in the close up are due to blocking not having been done; since the deadly clue 4 I have frogged out mistakes and kept everything lined up.

Clue 8 was quite comfortingly simple and only 8 rows (well, they're around 700-750 stitches each row, but still, psychologically it's a benefit).  One can only hope clue 9 continues in the same vein.
I'm quite happy.  Now I have tonight to teach a beginning knitting class and Wed and Thurs to complete clue 2 of Slow Bee II!


Jette said...

It's very beautifull, I made the design 1, and yours is a better color than mine..

Leesy said...

jette, thank you. I'm sure yours is lovely; I like both designs. Mine is simply white tencel. I'm actually thinking of dyeing it when I'm done, but I don't know if I'll be brave enough!

Jette said...

No, it is a shame to dye it, the color is great, it fits all kinds off clothing.. don't now if I am spelling it correctly..

spinquilt said...

WOW Your shawl is stunning. I am behind as I am just starting clue 4 design 1.

Karen said...

Your shawl is beautiful. Nice job!

Leesy said...

Thanks, Karen.
BTW, someone asked how long it is--it's about 28" now, and that's completely unblocked.

Anonymous said...

I like seeing your progress from post-to-post; this is a beautiful piece!