Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Where I've been

Finishing the Slow Bee Mystery I shawl!  It's off the needles, blocked, and on Kayla in the following pictures.  Now mind you, I would have had more common photos of her wearing it out of doors but neither the weather nor the daughter cooperated:  it's raining and thundering outside, and Kayla slept until about 7:30 pm and then, when I proposed photographing the shawl on her, insisted she would only cooperate if the pictures would be of "Booba being Booba."  In this case that meant lounging and reading one of her current favorite books, Fly by Night.
So, I give you my masterpiece shawl, many many yards of tencel 8/2:
Yes, it is centered on her back and this is the overhang.
Motif close up
A bit more detail along the back.
Don't complain.  You get the added bonus of a lot of cute along with the lace.

What I learned in working this shawl:
I can make a lot of time to knit sometimes if I have a personal deadline.
I can knit large objects.
I can knit complicated lace.
I love tencel as a lace yarn.  Its only drawback is that since it is not at all hairy, it snags easily; I had to be sure to use only smooth, non-joined stitch markers once I realized this.  Had it not been for the snags, the shawl would barely have needed blocking (it did need washing though anyway, and general finishing).

Thank you again to Moni, the designer and distributer of the pattern.


Mme K said...

Beautiful shawl, and -- I like your first picture in this post :)

Liz said...

Wow. Congratulations on finishing! I clearly have too few children at my house to come up with the time to knit--I have been stuck after completing clue 4, but I hope to get back to it soon...

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic shawl!!! Where did you get the pattern? What is the significance of Mystery of Bee?

Leesy said...

Deb, the truth is I never figured out the "Slow Bee" part, except that supposedly less of the pattern was released at a time than Moni usually gives. She told us at the beginning that the theme would be wintery, and to choose cool colors. The other pattern choice was snowflakes, but this one seems all abstract to me; I guess it's actually icicles.
If you want to see more of Moni's patterns, her shop is here(it's German, but the patterns are available in English, and she speaks English so she welcomes non-German speakers to email her with shop questions). She has a yahoogroup devoted to announcements of new KALs and patterns she writes; email me if you're interested.

Marie said...

Gorgeous! I'm totally impressed with your skill. :-)