Saturday, August 2, 2008

He rode it! Sorry I took so long to tell you all

Feivel, age 11, completed his bicycle ride of the entire C&O Canal last Thursday, along with other members of his Boy Scout Troop.  Mind you, Feivel was over a year younger than the next youngest of the scouts on the ride, and if you are a family member, friend, or regular reader here you remember that Feivel is developmentally disabled as well, making it that much more impressive and special that he completed this momentous feat--a 184.5 mile ride, camping out the whole way, with a stop to go white water rafting (they put Feivel in the raft with the three adults on the trip, which to my mind was the smartest thing they could have done).  He may be among the youngest ever to have accomplished this ride.
He is very proud of himself, and we are phenomenally proud of him.  Our thanks to Bob Kreitman, Dave Herschander, Yonasan Gorin, and all the scouts and parents who were involved, as well as to BSA which gave him this opportunity.
I hope to have at least a couple of photos soon to add to this post, but I'm not sure what became of them--Jeffrey, who helped with support for the trip, took them and either hasn't downloaded them or hasn't let me know where they are among the electronic files.  At the very least, I'll take a new photo of him in his gear.
We did sponsor the kiddush at shul this week in honor of his accomplishment, and contributed chocolates, Pepperidge Farm cookies, cocoa covered almonds, and Jelly Belly jellybeans, much to Feivel's delight and that of the other children.

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Galiah said...

WOW! I am duly impressed and proud of Feivel! May he go from strength to strength!