Friday, August 29, 2008

Some Lacy FOs

I finally have photos of a few FOs, most of which were knit a while ago.
First is my Shetland shawl blanket, as knit for Adele:

Second is my grey alpaca Swallowtail, as knit and given to Margo:

Third is my Estonian shawl, as knit and given to Happy Albeyaz, our babysitter (but modeled by Kayla):

The Shetland was knit primarily as a project to keep me busy the last few weeks before Addie was born, though it kept me busy until she was almost a year old; the Swallowtail was just and experiment to see what it would look like in a very different yarn from the first Swallowtail I had knit (in Sockotta cotton/wool sock yarn).  The Estonian was knit to use up some leftover tencel lace yarn and to keep me busy for a while, and because the Piecework magazine with the pattern arrived just as I was contemplating exactly this kind of pattern.  All are considered successes by me, and I'm happy.


DeltaDawn said...

Wow - so much lasce 0does your brain hurt (mine does for yours!)? Gorgeous stuff! And none for you? You're a very generous knitter!

Leesy said...

Thanks! I actually love knitting lace, especially if it's not "fully fashioned" meaning as long as the decreases are next to the yarn overs. OTOH, I just don't wear but so much lace; I don't live a very formal lifestyle.
The baby blanket is as much for me as for baby Addie, and I hope it turns into a family heirloom in time. I made that one in machine washable sock yarn and not too lacy a structure, so it should hold up well over time.