Monday, September 1, 2008

Baby Owl Sweater

I actually knit this a long time ago, but tonight was "finishing night" and I was busy finishing up a few old projects--a toddler sweater that photographs terribly but is adorable IRL (it's a shiny/dull multistrand flag yarn in bright pink; I can't imagine what anyone would make from it other than babywear); a blanket I wove on the triloom but which won't be photographed until it's washed and fulled; and also this:

It's Penny Straker's Baby Owl pattern, worked in Rowan Cashsoft Baby DK yarn.  Love the pattern, absolutely hated the yarn--I ran low and had to buy extra from a different dye lot and even though the color matched quite well the gauge was completely different!  I double and triple checked that it was the identical yarn, and it was, but if you hold strands of the different balls next to each other, you can see a difference in grist right away.  I was able to get away with using the newer yarn just for the sleeves and edging, so it doesn't show, but I will not buy this yarn again for anything!
Now Addie just has to grow into the sweater.

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