Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rainy days and Sundays

After several rainy days, we woke up this morning to was pouring still.  So I put some cinnamon buns in the toaster oven ('cause I need to keep the big oven from being milchig), put in a load of the little kids' laundry, got an apple and streusel cake in the oven, and am figuring out what else needs to be cooked when.
Gone, though, are the plans to spend the day at Shepherd's Purse Alpaca Farm (it's National Alpaca Farm day, you know) and their neighbor, Rock Hill Orchard.  Even Kayla was excited about crias and apples in close proximity.  It's just not worth going in drenching rain and days' worth of mud.  We'll just have to buy our apples the new-fangled way, at the supermarket.
So instead Gilad will spend the day whining about Scooby Doo and Blues Clues (cue Addie flashing the pawprints sign), and we'll cook.
Jeffrey and the boys spent the weekend up in PA at a boy scout camp out, but they're coming home a little earlier than originally planned; they're expected back around lunch time, rather than dinner time as previously expected.  This makes us happy here!
Of course, as usual their return from a rainy boy scout weekend means the mud content in the house will increase by several pounds.  

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