Sunday, October 5, 2008

A beautiful day, with attitude

Attitude?  Moi?

Come over here and say that!

Seriously (hah!) we had a beautiful day here--
70*, sunny, etc.  So once the boys had finally cleaned their room and the two little ones had taken their naps, I took the girls and the two little ones on a walk in Rock Creek Park, while Feivel rode his bike through the park up and back over several miles.  We saw almost no animals at all, I don't think we even spotted a squirrel, but Gilad did spot a big caterpillar almost as bright yellow as his chartreuse shirt, so he was happy, and it was lovely out, and we walked a couple of miles.
I finished clue 5 of the Mystery Shawl

and got my batt from the Ring Your Bells fiber club spun up as per the Spin-a-long directions, though it was tough--I'm very biased towards spinning fine, coming out with 2 or 3 ply fingering or sport weight yarns, and this called for a bulky singles!  Mine is definitely not quite even, but it was a very good exercise in controlling my spinning.  I'll have more pics as well as measurements once I get it washed and skeined, hopefully within a day or two.

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