Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Birthday to Feivel

He's a big 12 year old now!

Here he is with his cake (and with Gilad).

I had hoped to offer a photo some time in the last few weeks of Sachy eating birthday cake for the first time, but since he's been sick he's been back to formula only for the last 2+ weeks (orally now, at least; for a couple of days he was back to pretty much g-tube and pump only, but that resolved pretty quickly).  So it looks like Sachy getting to eat his own birthday cake for the first time will have to wait for next year.
Meanwhile, I knit one more quick hat, this one meant to be donated and made with yarn sent to me by AKknitter over on the Knittyboard

but then Trillian42 told me the donations were meant to be baby hats for Hats for Alex, not adult sized!  So I'll donate that one myself and am in the  middle of whipping up a quick baby hat from stash yarn, with huge apologies to AKknitter for messing up her plans, though at least in the end 2 donated hats will come from it.
And if you're wondering why I'm writing blog posts at 2:30 am, yeah, still not feeling so hot.

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