Monday, October 6, 2008

I spun it, I really did

I spun bulky singles and I have the pics to prove it:

Not only did the batt spin up perfectly, the singles only twist about 3/4 of the way around themselves in the skein, meaning they're unlikely to bias when knit. The yarn isn't kinky or too slubby, though the first few yards are pretty uneven as I was testing how much I needed to pre-draft (answer: don't do it).

I'm so happy! I have 240 yards of bulky handspun singles and I'm ready for the next challenge!
I forgot to mention, this is a batt from The Bellwether and I highly recommend you run over there and get yourself some yummy fiber before I spin it all!

1 comment:

DeltaDawn said...

Ooooh - pretty pretty! I want to see a close up skein picture next.... I haven't attempted singles yet - wish I lived closer to where you get to take classes!