Sunday, November 9, 2008

End of the weekend

We had beautiful weather here so Jeffrey, Sachy, and Gilad got the whole front yard raked.  Oma took the girls shopping, and also lent the kids the new copy of Kung-Fu Panda she just bought on DVD for all the grandkids to share at Thanksgiving.
Meanwhile, Addie spent the day being cranky thanks to teething, Kayla was kind of sick-ish until tonight, when she's more sick-ish, and Feivel spent most of the day being contrary and bored at the same time (multi-tasking!).
Me?  Well....

Unfortunately, this evening Mom and I tried heading out to the theater and the play we saw was so bad we left at the intermission.  We would have left at the end of the first scene if we could have done so gracefully.  Oh well, at least I wasn't out too late, but I wish I could wipe my brain clean from the miserable almost-an-hour we did sit through.

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