Monday, November 24, 2008


It's inevitable that:
...the one night your well-potty-trained 3 year old wakes you up at 4 am to announce, "I'm wet" is the night he chose to sneak into your bed.
...when you send him to finish up he will not raise the toilet seat.
...once you get him settled back down, the baby will wake up crying at 5 am.
...having sort of settled down for a little while, once she wakes up at 6 am, the baby is fussy and then throws up all over herself, Jeffrey and the sofa.
...having dropped the baby off at daycare, figuring she just was spitting up because of post-nasal drip, and having arrived all the way at the office, I get a call from Jeffrey that the baby's still throwing up and needs to come home, so I need to turn around and go home.

And did I mention how much Feivel is looking forward to his tetanus booster shot scheduled at this afternoon's check up? Just imagine it.

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