Sunday, November 2, 2008

Please make Mommy stop knitting hats

crying in hat
Originally uploaded by LeesyLou
No, this isn't the hat I made to donate. I enjoyed all the hat making so much I modified the pattern to make a toddler sized helmet and made it for Adele, as modeled here (she wasn't crying about the hat, she's just been fussy since she woke up from her nap).
Meanwhile I've been knitting at my 2 stoles still, making very slow progress, and now I'm preparing for a serious endeavor: teaching a bunch of 5th graders to spin. I'm going in to Sachy's class this coming Wednesday with fiber, spindles, and everything else, and giving them some spinning and fiber arts lessons as part of their American history unit. So, I've been practicing spinning on a spindle (since I'm so wheel-oriented), I've been washing some never-cleaned fiber, and packing up practically everything in my basement to take and show and let them play with.

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