Thursday, December 25, 2008

A busy happy day

Sachy has started his hand at spinning on the wheel:

We had a nice, busy day.  We found 2 letterboxes; we went to some friends' Chanukah party; and we got some Shabbos cooking and shopping finished.  We had latkes again tonight at dinner and the kids had donuts and gelt at the party.
Meanwhile, as of last night this is how far I had gotten in the secret hat project:

But while I've knit several more rows and hope to get more of the lining side done this evening, I probably can't show any more of it.  I'll explain after I finish and send it out.
Oh, and Addie spent the day walking into doors and then crying.  Seriously, she walked into 3 doors today, including once when she walked right into an opening car door and fell backwards, bonking her head on the sidewalk.  She has nice goose eggs on both the front and back of her head.


DESJ and Company said...

what is with silly children? my kids walk into stuff all the time too.

BTW I am in awe of your knitting abilities. I can hardly increase or decrease...I have a pattern for a skirt for SHana and am too petrified to even try!

Leesy said...

Thanks--all I'm doing is knitting and purling too; just trust yourself and start branching out. Skirts are pretty easy, especially if they're knit in the round so go for it.
I don't know what was with Addie today--she just kept heading right into the doors as they swung open!