Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Eighteen Months and All's Well

Things have been quiet from me for a couple of days because first Addie and then Gilad came down with a stomach virus.  She had to be picked up early from day care yesterday because she was throwing up, and kept it up all evening and all morning today.  He was fine until 6:00 this morning when he lay down outside our bedroom door and moaned, "Tummy yucky!"  Then he came in, lay down in Jeffrey's bed (where Addie had already arrived) and they both began vomitting in turn.  At this point they both seem over that part of it; Gilad is completely recovered, but Addie still has a low fever and is a little zonked out.
Addie did go in this afternoon for her 18 month old check up though, so we have the official stats.  She still hasn't reached 20 lbs!  She weighed in at exactly 19 (which puts her below the fifth percentile for her age).  Her height was 30" though which is tenth percentile (actually tall for one of our girls) and her head circumference was 18.75 which of course is 89% since she is our daughter and brilliant and brainy.  Since she had a bit of a fever, they deferred the one immunization she normally would have gotten (hepatitis I think it was supposed to be), so she'll just get it at her 2 year old check up.  Other than that, there wasn't anything significant, though the doctor agreed she talks well for her age since she's already occasionally using 2 or 3 word sentences (like, "No night-night!" and "My book!" and "Mommy no bye-bye!") but the fact that one of our kids talks a lot is certainly not news.
I did squeeze in a little spinning in the last couple of evenings so one third of the big pile of Corriedale rolags I had as of Sunday is now this bobbin of woolen singles:

Nothing else has really gotten done since Addie clung to me and whimpered for pretty much all her waking hours today.

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