Saturday, December 6, 2008

Feivel's Very Warm Slippers

after fulling
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Knit from a Drops free pattern, in Lopi Icelandic wool, then fulled (felted).
They should keep his feet very nice and warm once they're dry. He actually wants to needle felt a design on with some blue wool I got for that purpose for him, so I may post a pic in a few days after that's finished, but they're wearable now once they dry out from the fulling.
Meanwhile, everyone's back home from their sleepovers, concerts, and basketball practices, and all is well if not quiet around here. Feivel is definitely feeling better, and Gilad's cough hasn't gotten any worse either (though it's still waking him and me up at night).
ETA:  Julie called to ask me a very Julie question:  Is this kind of fulling the same kind mentioned in Farmer Boy?  Why yes, yes it is, though as I remember Almanzo uses it in reference to his mother's woven rather than knit cloth.  It's the same process though--allowing the fibers of a finished cloth to felt together using temperature extremes and agitation, to make a stable, thick, durable, warm cloth.

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