Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I seem to have been gone from cyberspace for a week.  Sorry, I've been busy getting ready for my trip to the John C. Campbell Folk School (yay) and then I was really depressed for a couple of days (no reason, just me).
But today I came home to find my first month's fiber and pattern from Susan's Spinning Bunny's Fondle This fiber club:
And I've been working on my OWL projects; here's some of the fiber spun up (somehow I only had 3 oz of blues and greens when I was done.  And I don't want to see any more angora for a long, long time):
And here's the front of my Titania sweater:

Family news to come.

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Kawano said...

I love the yarn that your spinning and that cute vest. Beautiful. See you over at HPKCHC!