Sunday, February 8, 2009

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

So we had a relaxed yet busy day.  Several of the kids had homework to catch up on.  Feivel rode his bike and his skateboard, and complained a lot that he was bored.  I took Addie on a couple of nice long walks (and being me I periodically spotted bits of lichen to throw in the stroller bag for dyeing fiber at a later date) through the neighborhood and through Rock Creek Park.  Gilad just played.  Everyone went out to the swings a couple of times.  Kayla got to go downtown with Oma to the National Gallery of Art to see the special exhibit on Pompeii, which delighted both of them.  Tirtze may or may not have done her homework but went out to spend the day with a friend and the friend's mom while they ran errands.  Feivel was supposed to have gone to swimming and to a BSA meeting, but being Feivel he refused to go to either of them.  Oh well.  You only get so many 60 degree sunny Sundays in February!

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