Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Pot of Yarn

Is simmering on my stove.  It's two skeins of undyed sock yarn mordanting in alum and cream of tartar so that I can dye them.  One skein is destined to be dyed in broomsedge to make yellow socks for Kayla.  The other has yet to find its destiny, but at least it will be prepared.
You'd think I have enough to do between now and Pesach without trying to commit to finally getting Kayla's socks done, but apparently you'd be wrong.
And yes, Jeffrey will undoubtedly comment on how once again everything in the house is somehow being used for yarny purposes.
Jeffrey would like it known that he did not comment on household items being used for wooly ends; he made snarky jokes about how the yarn looked like spaghetti.

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