Sunday, March 22, 2009

Finally done and my trouble maker

Well you haven't heard about this in months, because it was a temporary UFO--that's unfinished object.  I finally finished my Slow Bee II stole this week though, in a fit of Pesach cleaning avoidance:

Much to my relief, I finished with a few yards left on the spool.  It was a close thing though:

Since I am finally heavily cleaning (the little kids' room is already done this morning, and I bought good bathtub cleaner and a new tub scrubber and new mop stuff and everything, I leave you with a single image of Gilad the trouble monkey, with his "slide" made from his bed the other night:


Henya said...

What a beautiful shawl. You are way ahead of me.

Leesy said...

Well it sure felt like a never-ending project, especially because I actually really enjoyed all the knitting on this one. My other UFO at the same time was an incredibly boring sweater (the Komon one) so I felt guiltier about this one because I liked working on it but just wasn't getting to it.
Anyhow I'm very happy with it and happy to be done with it, and I am so glad you like it.