Friday, April 17, 2009

Pesach is done

We got through the last lovely days of Pesach, and the chag was a delight.  Seriously.  This is despite the facts that:
Jeffrey came down with a nasty cold on Wednesday and was miserable, particularly since he'd injured his shoulder a few months ago and couldn't get himself comfortable between his pain and his cough;
I had a sinus headache all of Wednesday (allergies I guess);
Tirtze realized Wednesday morning that she had pink eye;
Gilad broke his left little toe on Wednesday running through the house and stubbing his toes on a chair leg; 
and Addie was still getting over the cough and congestion from her virus lingering from last week.
And, of course, Feivel was Feivel.
But the chag is over and now even more grocery shopping must ensue today between work and Shabbos.


Henya said...

Oh, Leesy, sounds like good time was had by all...

Leesy said...

Hee, hee, for us this was nothing, so we did have a lovely yomtov.