Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sort of in a holding pattern

I haven't posted much because I don't have much to post. I'm part way through my cabled sweater (done with the back and most of the way done with the front). I'm part way done with a gift I'm knitting for a swap partner. I'm partway through the spinning I'm doing (the 6 oz of charcoal cvm from the cvm fleece):
I've washed 1 lb of white alpaca, but it's still wet so I can't do anything with it for now (when it arrived I thought it was fawn colored; then I washed it and it emerged bright white). I've carded the 4 oz of cvm that was white, and flicked the dark grey section (about a lb worth) so it's ready to drum card at some point (but first I have to spin the white, and card and spin some of the alpaca, which I received as a sample from someone trying to find out if her fiber is good enough quality to sell for profit).

As far as Addie goes, her stool samples were normal (I know you wanted to hear that), even though even the pediatrician can't explain why they were chalk white. Her ultrasound showed some possible inflammation in the liver and of course confirmed the enlargement of the liver and spleen. No blockages, no visible growths. Next up will be bloodwork first thing next week.

So I leave you with the obligatory gratuitous pic of Gilad at school:

and a general sense of incompletion.

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