Sunday, June 7, 2009

birthday goodness

Jeffrey's birthday was this last Shabbos; Addie's arrives in a couple of weeks. So Shabbos we sponsored the kiddush at shul with ice cream cake for all, and today we had a mini-party at my parents' house, where Jeffrey received his gift and card from them and Addie received her dream gift:
It's my dream too because finally after 6 kids we have a trike with a parent's handle. I can't tell you what a difference that makes as opposed to bending down to push, especially when you're dealing with a tiny 2 year old!
Now Feivel's off to his play practice; the 6th grade play is this Tuesday night. He's all in his costume as an ant for "Aesop's Hop;" black shirt, black pants, work boots (the better to march and stomp in) and black pipe cleaner antennae.
And I braved the wilds of the mall to take Tirtze to get some lingerie she needed and Kayla a sweater to go with her 8th grade graduation dress.

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