Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm not really here

I know I haven't posted much the last few weeks. My brain seems to have left in all the family confusion. I can barely complete sentences when speaking, much less write coherently or spin or knit.
Tirtze did get finish the program she was in; she's going to have a few days off now (hopefully it'll be okay) and then go to an art camp next week. Kayla's feeling a lot better.
Everyone else is okay. The boys are enjoying day camp, and Addie talks more every day.
Of course, meanwhile I'm still trying to finish knitting the lace vest of doom (so glad I gave up on the notion of finishing by the end of the month), spinning some alpaca for my March of Fibres sweater, and now someone over on a Ravelry group devoted to all things by author Jan Brett is organizing a knit-along for a really simple sock pattern (traditional Scandinavian winter socks), so of course I'm joining in:

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Henya said...

Leesy, I am patty to hear that you are spinning and knitting.