Saturday, July 25, 2009

What I've gotten so far

First let me say that we had a perfectly nice Shabbos. No explosions, no crises, just the usual tug and test of a housefull of kids. We may yet get this under control.
Second, let me show you what I got of yarns ready for my March of Fibres sweater I hope to be ready to cast on the needles at the beginning of September. This is the sweater depicting angora, sheep, alpaca, llama, goats, yaks, bison, etc knit in yarns from their own fibers in a very traditional steeked, drop-shoulder sweater, in fine yarns (light fingering weight in NA; 4 ply or jumper weight in the UK).
From the top left, going clock-wise, the yarns are dark grey CVM lamb fleece; alpaca from farm roving; white alpaca; yak; camel, baby llama from top.The CVM was spun from batts I prepared, as was the white alpaca. The camel and yak were spun directly from the cloud of clean fiber; the red alpaca, grey llama, silk and angora and brown Icelandic came in roving or top form from the supplier. Not pictured is the chocolate brown Romeldale I'm working on now, and the 30 yard bit of camel and alpaca plied together. So I need more white yarns to be done--either white CVM, silver SVM, light mohair, white Corriedale, or something else similar.

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