Friday, September 4, 2009

It's on the needles!

Knitting of the sweater of doom has begun:
I even used a proper tubular cast on (an extra stretch way of beginning your knitting, particularly suited to ribbing because it becomes invisible in 1x1 ribbing, with no actual beginning, just a tiny tube at the bottom), which I'd never done before, and I managed to join my knitting in the round without twisting. I've removed the temporary yarn used for the cast on, and now I've started the actual fair isle work, though that's not seen in the photo. Yes, I did have to organize the yarns, with samples of all the yarns I have more than say 60 yards of, so that I won't forget any.
And I've tried some new dyeing, this time with black bean soak water. Having read "Gathering Blue," "A Single Shard," and other YA books which touch on natural dyeing within the plot, Kayla was very confused to find out there were fast natural sources of blue dyes other than indigo and woad!
We have a 3 day weekend arriving, and on Sunday Jeffrey's going to take the 4 middle kids camping (locally, at a camp ground about 25 minutes from home). On Monday I'm going to do a natural dyeing workshop--open to anyone who wants to drop by!

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