Monday, October 19, 2009

Feivel's Bar Mitzvah

Photos are online in an album here; and below is the text of his speech which he wrote entirely on his own; I only typed it.

A Bar Mitzva poem: A Bright New Day by Feivel

I wake up and it's a bright new day. I get out of bed. I wash my face. I take a shower. I get dressed. I pray to G-d. I eat my breakfast. I get my back pack and make my lunch and put it in my back pack and head toward the bus stop. I see my friend and I tell him to wait for me and we walk with each other. And we wait for the bus on a chilly day. When the bus comes we go in and it feels really good. It's so warm I feel toasty and I get in myself and I feel bored with nothing to do but when we get there we get ready for class. When it's time for lunch my friend comes with me to get my lunch from my locker and we go to the cafeteria and we go to our lunch table and we eat and talk and talk and talk. When the bell rings, we go to our next class. My next class is gym. For some reason I always forget my P.E. clothes and start doing gymnastics. I like the rings but when the class is over I'm sad but I know I'll have it again. When school is over I go to my bus again. When I get home I do my homework then I stay in front of the TV till dinner. When it's time for dinner I come up to the dining room to stuff my stomach until my stomach hurts a tiny bit. When dinner's over I melt my brain again, but for now on I will learn Torah after I do my homework. I'll do what my parents tell me to do and I'll do a lot of mitzvot and do a good turn daily.


Poops said...

God bless that beautiful boy of a man!

Long Ridge Farm said...

What a lovely post.