Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday night headaches seem typical

Don't they? But on the knitting front, I've finished the sheep motif on one sweater sleeve, and am about to start the bottom border and then work the cuff. It's really hard to believe I'm so close to done. I don't have pics because I keep waiting until my 2 sleeves match before I photograph each section. I do have photos of the Avery scarf I finished last week and I think I forgot to mention (yarn is Cascade Alpaca Lace which I dyed in coreopsis plants):
and of Addie in the ladybug hat I finished today:
and yes, I know she's really too old for the baby bottle, but she likes to have some milk in the bottle when she comes home from preschool every afternoon (both for comfort and because she's allowed to walk around with the bottle but not a cup). I'd rather she drank the milk, which she doesn't want in a cup, than that she drank juice or lemonade, which is what she wants in the cup.
Oh, and Feivel is liking his new school and program, hooray!


Galiah said...

I love the ladybug hat!!! It looks so professionally done. (as does your sweater-- can't wait to see it completed!)

Leesy said...

Thanks, Galiah. I had to make her a ladybug hat so she wouldn't keep taking Gilad's one with the bumblebees (they both kept fighting over that one).

Henya said...

The scarf is beautiful. And your Ladybug is seriously cute. The hat and the baby.