Monday, December 21, 2009

We had a little snow

like almost 2 feet worth in one day.
It's so much that the kids really can't play out in it; Adele would get lost, Gilad can't move, Sachy barely can. Feivel of course left his mittens which I just bought last week (he's lost all of his other ones and 3 pairs of mine) at school, too.
So we spent the day losing Adele some more
and baking rolls and chocolate cookies to go with southwestern style white bean cakes, rice pilaf, and broccoli, for dessert (I mean the cookies are the dessert; the rolls are for the main part of the meal, and the broccoli we may send to Josie).


Julie said...

Broccoli for dessert? Josie will be right over!

Leesy said...

Okay, my mistake, broccoli was part of the dinner and the cookies were dessert. If Josie wants to come over, though, Gilad will happily provide her with his share of broccoli and she can have that for dessert.

Marcy said...

One of my favorite "too much snow" games is to bring a big bowl of it inside and let the kids play in the kitchen. I put towels down and by the time they are done, the floor is clean.

Leesy said...

I don't know...I've seen what these kids can do with a little water. Still, the potential of a clean floor might be worth a lot.