Tuesday, December 8, 2009

what's new?

Very little. I've had Adele at home the last two days getting over a virus; she was a sick little puppy yesterday, but she was all better today with no fever, so she goes back to preschool tomorrow. At least with my not working now Jeffrey didn't have to try to watch her. Sachy was also home sick yesterday, but got sent back to school today. He just seems to have Sachy-itis.
Tirtze got glasses! Actually what you really should have seen was her get up yesterday. They're having colorwar at school, and her class/team has various themes, one of them being Asia...so yesterday she was a panda from head to toe, complete with face make-up. It was very cute. Her glasses are very stylishly cool, and she noted that she sees much more clearly with them on. So one complaint dealt with.
I finished Addie's second dress (same pattern as last time, with a few modifications made to get it to fit her better, ie, it's shorter than the other one):
and I'm trying to finish the matching (boring to knit) shrug. Then it's on to finish the Estonian lace scarf and hat set I started while I was waiting for the yarn to arrive to finish the dress last week.

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