Thursday, March 18, 2010

Passover looms

So I'm in denial. Instead I've been knitting a hat for Larkin Ctr for Homeless Teens:
A sweater for new nephew Parker:
and a shawl just to knit using stash yarn and because I sometimes just need to knit lace:
I have cleaned the little kids' room, the boys' room, our room, the bathrooms (except for the final product checking and chucking); and I've done most of the shopping (and I did remember the bedika kit). Other than that, I am totally unprepared for Passover, because I'm far too obsessed with spinning, knitting, and general denial.
However, I'm horrified to read and hear that the state government is totally rejecting the possibility of a 10 cent alcohol tax increase (some funds from which would be earmarked for the Developmental Disabilities Administration and its decades-long waiting list for services) despite the fact that MD has the second lowest alcohol tax in the US; while at the same time 39 legislators are co-sponsoring a bag-tax bill. I don't mean that I'm against a bag tax or the use of re-usable bags; I myself use them almost exclusively and encourage others to do so and in fact I would personally probably support the bill. What infuriates me is that this comes right on the heels of the legislature clearly stating that they couldn't consider the alcohol tax ostensibly because they felt that any increase in taxation in today's economy would be inappropriate. Obviously the real reason was simply because they listen to lobbyists money and care more about the alcohol lobby's dollars than they do about their own constituents.

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