Sunday, April 11, 2010

Oh, the joys of insomnia

I didn't know what to do so I figured I'd drop in and update. It my spelling and/or grammar are not up to par, please bear in mind that this is being typed at 1:40 am my time.
With Passover over, we switched the kitchen back to normal. Jeffrey boxed while I ran to Safeway to restock on cereal, bread, and similar necessities of life for our kids. By morning we had the all-important coffee machine ready to run, too.
The next day, we had 5 different appointments for various kids. I spent the day in the car going from Shady Grove to Silver Spring to Fairfax. Fortunately, after that I had a one-day break before any one else had any medical appointments. Unfortunately, I forgot that for the rest of the month I'm on call for jury duty every Tuesday, and of course we have a ton of appointments scheduled on the rest of the Tuesdays of the month.
Feivel had his first ever sleep-out at a friend's house, the other frum boy who was in his class. I say, "was" because as of their return to school Wednesday, the other boy left Feivel's school for a residential program, and Feivel's best school chum is gone, leaving him more alone again. Still, his class is FANTASTIC about making sure he can as much as possible participate in the meals out and the cooking both of which they do every week. It helps that there are several kosher restaurants right in the area the school is in (sort of where Potomac meets Rockville).
And I got into all 3 of the classes I applied for at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival: one on different longdraw spinning techniques, one on spinning soft bulky yarns (easy to do badly, hard to do well), and one all day class on spinning exotic fibers (think camel down, llama, alpaca, mohair, cashmere, etc) for use in knitting socks. Yay. It leaves me with a dilemma though because now I have to work night and day to get done spinning the 11 ounces of laceweight yarn I'm in the middle of so I have the wheel and more importantly all my bobbins free for the classes at the end of the month.


galiah said...

i'm glad to hear you got into the classes you wanted. i just read a book to my kids, "Woolbur" (have to look up the author)-- i immediately thought of you!
enjoy the classes!

Leesy said...

Oh we love Woolbur! Go Grandpaa!